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☠ Fairy-tales and Coffins ☠

Elvira, Mistress of the Darkness (1988)

Oh my lovely and sexy elvira <3

Me and Mr. Yan 

Tea party Hotel Lolita <3

Enter the Void

Are you? Alice?

Me when comes postman

…And it’s sucks.

Cry baby 

Johnny *Sigh*

Madness Returns

Guro lolita by Me!

Tea party shoes custom by me.

Hotel lolita 2014! <3

Gothic lolita old school 

Shoes and bag are handmade!

♥ I do what I want. I am perverse, cold, strange, mad, self-destructive, an egoist, suicide, stupid, paranoid, infinite and few biografiable ♥
♥ Cuentas~ ♥

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